Attribute Description Values Default
locations Define the locations you want to retrieve. Separate your locations/markers with a pipe “|”. Longitude, Latitude N/A
height Define the height of the map pixels, pt, em, % 400px
zoom Define the zoom of the map Numeric value 10
disableDefaultUI This property disables any automatic UI behavior from the Google Maps API. true, false true
scrollwheel Disables scrollwheel zooming on the map. true, false false
draggable If false, prevents the map from being dragged. Dragging is enabled by default. true, false true
[google_map_multi locations="45.5018603,-73.5672218|45.4996344,-73.5025913|45.5186693,-73.5440308"][/google_map_multi]
[google_map_multi draggable="true" scrollwheel="true" disableDefaultUI="false" locations="45.5018603,-73.5672218|45.4996344,-73.5025913|45.5186693,-73.5440308"][/google_map_multi]